Thursday, 29 September 2011

행복 라이브 ♥

This title is a korea word. :)

Y0U guess what is it.. ;)

Let me tell is be happy in your live

I don't know about korea...I translate that word

Haha :D

I write all of this is for my friend.

She have to face so much of problem...

Just like me. :'(

We got a same problem...

It's about FRIENDSHIP & Studys.

Friend , actually is very important for whole human!

Without friend...I think there is so much of people get a sick with autism :'(

It is very sadness think.

We quarrel with our friends :'( is a really bad feeling I ever tasted

And I hate it very much :'(

But now i think i'm already okay , fell better much

Friends , be strong!

No matter how! I am with you , don't worry :')